Option interior: four types of wall paper

in combination with mirrors below and above

Stylish onlooker

Autonomous cabinet with personality and an attitude.

Stylish onlooker in contemporary interiors. Wall cabinet, sideboard,

drinks cabinet. How you want to call it or how you want to use it,

it's a sympathic kind of furniture.

Three sizes. With or without windows. Four standard colours.

The exterior is less. Locksmithing is nicely concealed.

Interior is more. Lined with beautiful patterns and fine mirror work.

Exterior is less, Interior is more

Three models
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Prices from €861,-

(incl. BTW)

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Dutch design

Bystander is designed by Studio Öeff and is produced

with attention and craftsmanship.

This involves a lot of manual work and attention to detail.

You could say that the creator ends up having a connection with his cabinet.

Just as new owners will experience.

Bystander is therefore not just a cabinet.